Fall Maintenance Tasks: Tips and Tricks


Fall Maintenance Tasks: Tips and Tricks

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Fall Leaves by Mark TurnauckasCC BY 2.0

Fall is here! A glorious season full of pumpkins, beautiful golden colors, cooler temperatures, and of course…fall maintenance tasks. ;) We were inspired to write this post after a recent #ConstChat with some of our friends on Twitter all about how to get your house and yard ready for the change in seasons. So without further ado, here are our best tips for how to tackle all of those fall maintenance tasks.


Deck and Patio Areas 

-Clean your deck and patio thoroughly--this may entail a good power wash in addition to sweeping up any dirt or debris.
-If you have a wood deck, reseal or restain it as needed to help it "weather" the coming wet months. (Ha, see what we did there?)
-Make sure outdoor stair railings are in good condition so you won't fall down the stairs when it's slippery outside!
-To prevent slips and falls, repair stair treads if necessary or add non-skid stair tape to any outood areas that need them.
-Store or cover outdoor furniture and grills to keep them in good shape through the colder months.


Exterior of Your Home

-Power wash windows and the exterior of your house.
-Make sure all windows and doors are tightly sealed to keep your house from being drafty during colder seasons.
-Do paint touch-ups to house, porch railings, trim, etc. as needed in preparation of harsh weather conditions.
-Make sure outdoor lighting is working as the days get shorter.
-Check any generators you have to ensure they are in good working condition in the event of power outages.



-Fall is a great time to get your camping gear, sports equipment and tools organized! Check out our shelving, cabinets, and lockers that can help make that task just a little bit easier. ;)


-Have blankets at the ready. ;)
-If you have a wood-buring fireplace, make sure you have plenty of wood ready for those cold winter nights.
-Replace air filters in your furnace and keep up with regular maintenance checks.
-Get your mudroom and entryway areas prepped for the winter months--make sure you have durable rugs to keep floors dry and plenty of hooks for hanging outerwear.

Yard and Garden Areas

-Cut down dead plants and flowers to make room for new growth in the springtime.
-Aerate your lawn and give it one last mow before the snow hits.
-Plant bulbs and trees before the ground gets too hard. 



What's on your to-do list this fall? 

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