How JMH Can Install Pallet Racking Quickly


How JMH Can Install Pallet Racking Quickly

Okay, so you have a deadline to get the doors open. And for whatever reason the deadline suddenly crept up on, or was suddenly and unceremoniously dropped on you; we don’t care–we just want to get you into your new facility so you can concentrate on what you do for your clients. That is precisely what we did with Performance Diesel Inc in St. George, Utah.They put us to the test and we couldn’t be happier to accept the challenge!

Within four days from the order JMH was able to pull enough heavy-duty used pallet racking that was in “excellent condition”, drive it the five hours away to St. George, install it, anchor it and then have it pass inspection and be found completely in compliance so PDI could move in to their 6,000 sq. foot facility immediately thereafter.  That’s pretty amazing when one considers how long it normally takes a company like Jorgenson Material Handling to

Our management team is always looking ahead, figuring out contingency plans, and then keeping enough of the “basic stuff” in inventory so that when you run into a deadline, we can be there to pull your bacon out of the fire with the quality warehouse and distribution center racking that you need to get the job done right, and quick.  Simply put; we do it that way because that is how Lance and Dave roll…

So the next time you feel the words “I want it done when”, then give us a call and we’ll move mountains to make it happen–just like we did for our customers at Performance Diesel Inc.

Performance Diesel Inc. incidentally is one of THE premier diesel shops in the Western United States and we are grateful they trusted us with this project, and this deadline, so we could prove to them that when the deadline is tight, we find a way to not only meet it, but ensure you pass all inspection codes.  We sure appreciate their business and we look forward to serving them as they continue to grow and expand.


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