Papa Pita – Lockers, Pallet Racking and More


Papa Pita – Lockers, Pallet Racking and More

What else can Jorgenson Material Handling do besides just installing the very best in pallet racking to help you maximize the space in your warehouse or distribution center?  Well, turns out we can help do A LOT more and help solve problems you may have never thought were an issue.

Take Papa Pita for example.  According to one of our material handling experts, Dave Arbon, this was a “first class distribution center and bakery” in West Jordan, Utah.  And they needed a lot more than just pallet racking for all of those pitas.  Dave and the guys went in and after taking a look at the unique needs of Papa Pita, they knew this would be where JMH could show off the wide variety of solutions for any large distribution facility or warehouse that also had a large employee base.

The Papa Pita facility was a perfect showcase of the many solutions Jorgenson Material Handling can do for any large facility with numerous employees who need to lock up their personal item. To begin, our team realized that they would need to completely supply the employee locker rooms (both male and female) with a grand total of 103 3-tier lockers which would give the Papa Pita facility a grand total of over 300 locker ‘openings’ to satisfy the need of the employees who worked there.

As you can see, we used Nordic Blue and Turquoise Teal colored lockers added rich color and matched the architectural design of the plant itself.  

Since the employees also needed a place to change, the JMH crew installed custom benches whose pedestals matched the lockers. These employee lockers and locker room also had all the bells and whistles;  Slope tops, corner fillers, installed upon a 4 inch Z-base which was anchored to the floor and each locker was equipped with a combination lock and master ‘manager’ key.

The JMH crew also did the warehouse floor and bakery area as well, setting up column protectors to protect the expensive ovens from errant bumps, installing pallet racking for product storage and a really cool dock seals and dock doors to create a shelter for semi trucks that would have to load from the docks in inclement weather such as driving snow storms, hail and heavy rain that Utah often experiences.

All of which helped create the perfect, safe and functional warehouse that Papa Pita currently enjoys!  So if you are looking for some of these very same solutions for your bakery and employees as well as your warehouse or distribution center, then give Dave Arbon and the good folks at Jorgenson Material Handling a call and we’ll show you what we can do!

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