How to Use Material Handling Products at Home


How to Use Material Handling Products at Home

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Material handling products can be used for far more than just warehouses and distribution centers. When it comes to storage and organization, do you have areas in your home that you struggle with? Garages, basements, storage rooms, and sheds can be challenging to keep in order. We have a few tips that will help you whip those hard-to-organize areas into shape utilizing some of our most popular material handling products.

  1. Start with a Clean Slate

Sometimes it’s easier to move everything out of a space in order to get it organized. Wait for a relatively warm, dry day and move everything out of your garage. Temporarily move everything out of your basement or storage shed while you come up with an organizational plan. Having an empty space to come back to is refreshing and can help you decide what you want to put where.


  1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

One of the first steps to getting any area organized is decluttering. Go through everything you have stored in the space you’re working on and decide what you’re keeping, what you can donate, and what can be thrown away.


  1. Assign a Purpose

It’s hard to focus on organizing a space if you’re not entirely sure what its intended purpose is and any considerations related to that purpose. With a garage, for example, how many cars do you need to park inside? Are you using part of the space as a workstation? Do you have enough extra room to store tools, camping gear, etc. in addition to parking cars?

Once you’ve designated a purpose for the space, you can better decide what will go where and how best to store everything.


  1. Group Similar Items

This one may be a no-brainer, but it’s definitely a sanity-saving tip: group similar items together. Nothing says organization like having a place for everything and everything in its place, and setting up designated areas for like items is a sure fire way to get you there. Not only will having like items near each other help in your initial organizational efforts, it will save you time (and frustration!) when you need to locate something in a hurry.


  1. Get Creative with Storage Options

Shelving is a great solution for storage areas, and we have a variety of styles to choose from that can help organize all of your camping gear, tools, sporting equipment and more. Learn more about metal shelving HERE.

boltless shelving

Lockers are also a perfect choice for storage. Any of the styles we have available would work well in garages, basements, sheds and other storage areas. In particular, our stadium lockers are ideal for storing sporting equipment or fishing gear. Basket lockers can be a creative way to store tools, car parts or even craft supplies. And of course standard lockers present a myriad of options for storing everything from outerwear and hats to camping gear and athletic equipment.

stadium locker

We also have storage cabinets for sale that offer sturdy, durable storage for any space. And our selection of modular drawer cabinets are a great way to store tools, nuts, bolts and more!


  1. Utilize as Much Space as Possible

If your garage or other storage space is short on size, you may need to consider other possibilities for storage rather than just lining the floor and walls with shelving. Wall-mount lockers are a great way to utilize unused wall space.  With garages in particular, our sister division has wall-mounted Garage Storage Lockers available that will truly help you maximize your garage’s storage potential.

garage storage  


  1. Know What’s Where

Finally, once you’ve decided where everything goes and are ready to start putting things away in their proper places, do yourself a favor and either use clear bins or grab a marker or a label maker so you know exactly what is stored where.


Want even more storage and organization ideas? Check out our blog posts specifically about garage storage solutions HERE and HERE. Happy organizing!

Have questions about shelving, lockers or any of our other material handling products? Feel free to contact us!

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