• Is What I Am Looking for in Stock?

    JMH does have a very large inventory and we pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with a variety of shelving systems, pallet racking and other material handling products that we have in stock. Since we have been in business for many years, we kind of know what he popular sizes and styles most businesses are looking to find and those are the types we keep in stock. Not just one or two, but enough to outfit an entire large warehouse or distribution center. Now if by the slightest chance that we don't have it in stock, the manufacturers we work with know we serve clientele with a voracious appetite for all types of products and are able to get us what you need, very quickly.

  • What Do I Need To Know To Begin?

    The basic questions JMH will ask when you come to us are the following: Will you be loading the racking with a forklift or by hand? This allows us to determine the spacing of the isles or if you need ladders to accomplish this task. How tall, how deep and how wide is your product? These answers will help us choose the best type of material handling product for your to use in your warehouse and still maximize each inch of use able space. Will you need seismic drawings to meet code? Depending on where you live and the scope of your project, you may need to pass various city, state and federal codes and in places like CA, seismic drawings are almost always required. We have the engineering staff and 3rd Party Engineers that help you pass those permit issues and ensure that the pallet racking JMH provides safely holds the product you need it to. Do you need us to do a layout? Odd are JMH can bring its experience to bear since there are many things our clients don't realize, such as the width of isles needed to access the racking, will these be hand-pulled products, is there a forklift to be used since that will affect the width of the isles as it needs a certain space to get in a pull product. Details like how tall ceilings are and how close you can get to fire suppression systems--All of these issues need to be addressed and most companies turn to us because we've seen and done it all successfully over the decades.

  • Do I Have To Have JMH Install What I Buy?

    No. You can buy and then install as much, or as little as you like. We are here the entire time however to answer your questions, provide advice and let our decades of experience help you as you set out to make your warehouse or distribution center the most efficient it can become.

    If you arrive at an impasse or have questions and think you need us to step in, we can certainly do as much of the installation process that you don't feel comfortable with doing yourself.

  • Can I Pick It Up Today?

    Yes. If we have it in stock, we can get it pulled, wrapped up and ready for you within hours. Our crews are constantly filling orders and know that every now and again time is of the essence. And since our location is located centrally along the I-15 corridor in Salt Lake City, you can get in, loaded and out onto the freeway in minutes. We can also deliver to your warehouse or location.

  • Can You Sell Me The Materials AND Do The Install?

    Yes we can. Again, our professional installers are available to install as much, or as little, as you want us to do.

  • Can You Help Me Lay This Facility Out?

    If I am buying the materials from you and I'm doing the install, can you help us with the layout and meeting code? Of course we can! Since such things as meeting code, pointing out where the racking needs to be in relation to your fire suppression systems and even seismic layouts and CADs, the experienced and talents JMH personnel can help answer all of your questions—we want to have you as a returned and satisfied client and in order to achieve that, we know we can do that by being a resource for any of your needs and one of them is the experience we have earned from many successful decades in this industry.

    We are here to maximize your space, so please contact us and ask us how we can help layout your facility and give you ideas that we have seen firsthand that you may not have thought of previously.

  • Does The Racking Have To Be Tied To The Building?

    No. Our material handling solutions are designed to be free-standing and anchored to the floor. Now in some very rare circumstances in areas that are extremely susceptible to earthquakes and such, this may be an option to meet certain codes, but mainly our racking is designed to be free-standing.

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