Honnen Equipment

Honnen Equipment

We had the pleasure of working with Honnen Equipment, a supplier of John Deere equipment. The company came to us seeking a professional, new storage setup to maximize their productivity & represent the John Deere brand.

Custom Storage Solutions for a Quality Brand

Honnen Equipment had all the quality John Deere products a customer could ask for, but they still needed one thing--an organized storage structure to deliver quality service. We revamped Honnen's operations from pallet rack to service center in order to help them excel as a top level distributor of John Deere construction equipment. 


Shelving & Pallet Rack

A high-weight capacity pallet racking solution was a necessity for Honnen when considering their large inventory would be heavy-duty construction parts. We set up rows of supportive pallet rack that could be easily accessed and managed. We also installed aisles of shelving to maintain their large selection of small parts with a simple & intutitive system using customized bin shelving & compartments.

Shop Equipment

We installed rows of industrial-grade cabinets for storing bulk supplies & tools that could be securely locked. We furnished the service area with custom workstations and accessories in coordinating black and yellow colors to capture the professional "John Deere" appearance. The finished result looked as sharp as a showroom with functionality to match.   

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