Metro Logics

Metro Logics

Metro Logics is a 3rd party logistical firm that specializes in storage and distribution services for temperature-sensitive medical equipment and pharmaceutical supply firms.

Super-Sized Storage Logistics 

Missisippi-based company Metro Logics was putting down roots in Salt Lake City, UT and with a new lease on two large facilities and a staggering 427,000 square ft. space to fill, the job would be no easy task and would require some major storage solutions to fully optimize the warehouses' capacity. The complete job ended up being one of the most tremendous pallet rack projects we've ever done but definitely held the record for the biggest results.


Pallet Rack

Metro Logics' greatest need was pallet rack—lots of it. In total we supplied the facilities with 2.2 million LB. of racking. This extensive amount of storage would provide them with over 42,000 pallet positions so that running out of room would never be an option. 


Because Metro Logics would be supporting new jobs for 14 full-time workers and 102 part-time workers, they were definitely in need of some reliable employee storage. The installation called for bright orange lockers in their staff room would ensure the workers could keep their personal belongings secure.

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